June 2005
Esquire Drug of the Month: Tribulus terrestris

Perhaps you're wondering why I, the Overstimulated Girl , would choose to take a supplement designed to boost virility and testosterone production. It's not that I want to look like a Bulgarian power lifter. Tribulus has something else to offer, something that many pills promise but don't deliver (at least for me): It turbocharges your libido.

What is it? A weed, also known as "puncture vine" due to its sharp burrs.

What it claims to do: Refreshingly, I couldn't find much hype about this botanical. Even its proponents admit that no one quite knows how it works, and that, since it's not an essential nutrient, the body doesn't -really need it. But it's popular among serious gym-goers, who believe that it increases muscle mass and is an all-around energy tonic. Also, it supposedly acts as a potent aphrodisiac by enhancing production of luteinizing hormone, or LH. More LH promotes increased testosterone production and affects the body's sex drive.

But does it work? While I was watching for the side effects of a jolt of testosterone—a nice thick brow bone, perhaps, or some new facial hair—the flip side of Tribulus terrestris snuck up and delivered a jolt of its own. This stuff makes you wicked horny. I don't know if my muscle mass has increased, but I'm having too much fun to care.

Where to buy: Any health-food store. The brand I took is called Testron SX, which also includes small doses of additional herbs that enhance Tribulus terrestris 's potency. $28 for sixty tablets.
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