MAY 2004 (VIVAXL).

May 2004
Esquire Drug of the Month: Vivaxl

Chances are you wouldn't mind being happier. And I'd bet that you wouldn't object to a leaner body, a stronger immune system, and the sex drive of a bonobo. (Bonobos have more sex and are generally happier than any other primate, including humans.) Arginine, an amino acid and the main ingredient in a new product called Vivaxl, claims to do all of the above, and then some.

How can this be? Arginine promotes a process called nitric-oxide release. Nitric-oxide release is good. It boosts circulation by relaxing blood vessels in the brain and the body (including the region below your belt). Arginine also inhibits somatostatin, a substance that reduces your body's production of human growth hormone—the stuff that keeps us young and frisky.

And the catch is . . . You can't just shovel in a bunch of arginine and hope for the best. Your body needs to process it at precisely the right dosage, which is 2,800 milligrams (the amount contained in a packet of Vivaxl). Ingredients also include an energy-bolstering mix of B vitamins and ginseng.

Fun fact: Helps detoxify your liver by neutralizing ammonia. Does it work? I tried Vivaxl on a day when I was feeling hungover, foggy, and low-voltage. In less than thirty minutes, I felt a noticeable lift in mood. I was somewhat more compelled to get off the couch, and I definitely felt sharper. But after a week of drinking one or two packets a day, the lift diminished. So I took a few days off. When I went back to Vivaxl, the happy buzz returned at full force. As for the enhanced-erectile-function claim, well, you'll have to tell me. Where to buy:; $49.99 for a box of twenty packets.
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